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Understand and improve well-being in your workspace

Canari makes the indoor environment visible and controllable to increase occupant productivity, creativity and health

Be informed when the Canari solution is released

Air quality

Be alerted for the right time to ventilate your spac


Improve the lighting in your workspace


Promote concentration by regulating noise pollution


Limit the spread of aerosol viruses


Optimize the thermal feeling of the rooms

Pour qui ?

Rediscover your workspaces to make them more attractive and promote the well-being of your employees

HR Manager
  • Attract new talents

  • Reduce the absenteeism rate

Office Manager
  • Management of the layout of the premises

  • Increase organization within your teams

Coworking manager
  • Retain your occupants

  • Make the use of your workspaces more attractive

Facility Manager
  • Promote the company's quality and environment policy

  • Ensure continuous improvement of workspaces


Foster the fulfillment of your employees in a sustainable workspace

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+ 74% creativity by integrating natural elements into your premises

+ 80% of collaborators satisfied by regulating the thermal environment


+ 15% presence of occupants thanks to daylight in the offices

+ 25% cognitive ability by applying the right ventilation methods

95% of employees claim to be distracted and more stressed by noise pollution.

La solution

Personalized recommendations for occupants and managers 

An interactive sensor to act in real time on your indoor environment

Analysis of external data surrounding your workspace

The camera feature to help you plan your spaces in one click

The application allows you to follow the environmental evolutions of your workspaces. Be alerted to environmental risks and the impact they have on your health and productivity. By following the recommendations of the application, you can sustainably improve your quality of life at work.

What they say about us

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Thomas - Project Manager 
work in an open space

  Very good idea,  works correctly and allows us to change our habits while remaining discreet.  Having already experienced this several times of a decrease in productivity after long hours working indoors, I find that this solution has come very well.

Adelaide - Coworking Space Manager 

“I will never see my work environment the same way again”

Fabienne - Key Accounts Manager
often in the meeting room

I sometimes had the feeling of "lacking air" at certain times, there are many of us in the office and it is not always easy to ventilate, especially in winter. The pictogram is a very clear signal for all the occupants, it can avoid discussions...

They support us

Qui smmes nous ?

Who we are

After 13 years spent in numerous open spaces, Claire Dumas, founder of Canari, offers occupants of workspaces the opportunity to reconnect them to the environment in which they spend the most time: their office.

Based on sensory and environmental perception in the workspace, Canari provides personalized recommendations to occupants and managers for continuous improvement in the quality of life at work.

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